Hashtags for Action

If you want to support some amazing initiatives and/or spread awareness regarding human rights, women rights or feminists issues, you can use and follow the hashtags:

#YesAllWomen - hashtag movement that draws attention to violence against women
#YesAllMen - hashtag showing men's support
#AllMenCan - another hashtag that shows men's support, highlighting that All Men Can be as awesome as gentlemen who uses this hashtag :)
#IfIWereABoy - hashtag created to take a stand against sexism
#SafetyTipsForLadies - is a humorous twitter feed of stupid things that women are told to do in order to avoid rape.

Feminist issues:
#fem2 - general hashtag for feminists issues
#feminist - self-explanatory, I believe

Violence Against Women:
#SurvivorPriviledge - the hashtag was created in response to George F. Will's statement that women get many priviledges from being called "rape victim"
#IAmBrave - hashtag in response to movie "Brave Miss World"

#BringBackOurGirls - hashtag for the abducted 276 Nigerian girls in April this year by Boko Haram
#FireGeorgeWill - campaign to punish George F. Will for his damaging comment on rape victims priviledges.
#HeForShe - hashtag promoting female leadership, urging to end sexual violence during conflict and other issues to show support for women
#IDEVAW - International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
#JadaCounterpose - hashtag created in response to horrible event that happened to Jada and cyberbullying that followed with hashtag #JadaPose
#MyStealthyFreedom - Stealthy Freedom of Iranian Women
#StandWithJada - hashtag showing support to Jada, 16-year-old girls whose assault went viral
#StandWithLeah - girl from Stanford University tries to force university to take more severe action against students, who sexually assaulted her (and against other assailants).
#TimeToAct - another campaign urging to end sexual violence against women

Other Issues:
#MyFavoritePositionIs - women's response to the most annoying question: "What's your favourite position". Originated from clever Lauren Condrad's retort: "CEO".
#post2015 - what comes after MDGs (Millenium Development Goals)? Call for plan regarding ending gender-based violence, sexual violence and poverty
#direnkahkaha - Turkish deputy prime minister said that women should refrain from laughing in public places as it's not decent. So Turkish women are posting their laughing selfies with this hashtag.
#FreeToWearPink - are you a boy who likes pink? Or maybe boyish girl who still like pink? Well, then you should be Free to Wear Pink!

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