Food for Thought

Some interesting / controversial / hilarious / depressing articles with feminist twist to the story or about issues close to our feminist hearts.

Aljazeera America - The Case for Raising Feminist Boys

Amanda Marcotte - Do Women Need to Manipulate Men Sexually to Get Them to Behave? No

Association of American Colleges and Universities - Frequently Asked Questions about Feminist Science Studies

The Blogess - Women Who are Ambivalent about Women Against Women Against Feminism

Dr Nina Burrowes - The Courage to be Me. A Story of Courage, Self-Compassion and Hope After Sexual Abuse

Gloria Steinem - If Men Could Menstruate

I'm Not a Woman

Jessica Valenti - What Makes a Slut?

Marge Piercy - The Rape Poem

Patricia Valoy - Feminism and Faith

Philosopher's Mail - Why You Resent Your Partner

The Girl Declaration

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