Sunday, 1 June 2014

The "F" Word

           Isn’t it strange that we didn’t call our blog “Feminism is new Sexy” or something similar? After all, our blog is going to be centered on feminism and experience of being a feminist. One would think it’s only fair to put the “f” word in the name of our blog.

            Replacing “feminism” with “equal” was a conscious choice. Somehow, it seems to us that equality is less alarming to many people, even though it is the very essence of what feminism is all about. Equality is the main thing feminists fight for. We wish to prove it here, hoping that in the process our readers will find a reason and courage to call themselves feminists too. Just so you know, we plan to quietly sneak in feminist ideas into the subconscious mind. Just when our readers get comfortable with the idea, that we are all equal, perhaps we can infect them with a feminist bug and spread the word.

            However, this simple evasion of the “f” word made us think of why this word is so alarming to many. How is it possible, that the word expressing a simple believe, that men and women are by definition equal, awakens hostility and many other radical emotions.

            I do not want to assume that all people who disagree with me are uneducated (although it’s exactly what Taslima Nasreen said in one of her interviews). I believe that each one of us, deep in our hearts feels the same way about injustice and strives for freedom. Gender studies prove it over and over again, that we become what society wants us to become (gender wise), even if it means sacrificing our uniqueness, unless we educate ourselves, read, listen to people with opposite, new, provoking ideas.

            No matter if we wear a hijab to be thought of as “modest”, “proper” women or wear sexy clothes to appear attractive. At the end of the day, we all strive for the same thing – acceptance and, even more important, approval.

            Since the beginning of “female cause” the best our opposition could do is to ridicule us or deem as inappropriate. Sadly, in minds of many the message that being a feminist is something absurd is still carried. Even today we meet young, educated, successful women being appalled be word “feminist”. They are absolutely ignorant of the fact that the right to higher education and career is given to them as fruit of feminist struggle.  The “f” word sounds like an insult to their femininity, beauty and intellect.

            We are proud to call ourselves a feminists, for all that it entails. It is not always easy to be so far away from what society believe to be normal, desirable, pleasing. Let us tell you something, feminism allowed us to be whoever we want to be, allowed us to be free on the journey to discover who we want to become, without having to please everyone around us.

            No matter how you, dear reader, want to call it, we wish you the same freedom. The only purpose of this blog is to help everyone on their mission to find the key to their freedom. All we need is an open mind to try to comprehend new ideas. We dream of a day when feminism will be the thing of a past, because it will be obvious that men and women are equal. We hope that one day there won’t be a need to discuss this any further. But that day is not here yet and that’s why we decided to start this blog. We hope to inform those who until now didn’t see injustice in our world and applaud others, who like us, fight for equality in their daily life. 


Equal is a new Sexy Team

Written by Inanna 


  1. Err.. Shouldn't the title say "Equal is *the* new sexy? :)

    Secondly, I'm interested in your definition of equality.

  2. Thank you for pointing out the glitch in the name :) Unfortunatelly, not all social media allow us to be fully gramatical.

    As for definition of equality, it's too complex to explain it here. So stay tuned for our next post and we just might answer your question :)


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